Do you wish you could find the words?




Can you feel them in your belly but can’t get them to your fingertips?

What if you could work intensively one on one with a professional copywriter to

learn tricks of the trade,

develop your unique tone,

and get your story told?


The 6 Week Crisp Copywriting Coaching Intensive is

one on one, individualised online training for creatives, entrepreneurs, and women in small business who are ready to level up and start making some online noise!

No one can tell your story like you

but you’re too scared to write a word in case it’s wrong.

The Crisp Copywriting coaching intensive is full of simple to implement, practical training combined with a spot of hand-holding.

In addition, while I’m showing you how to do it, I’ll professionally edit your most troublesome copy – not only teaching you proven strategies but also ensuring your most important pages are professional, engaging, and polished.

You’ll learn:


Brand Voice

How to write copy that sings your brand song – words that are instantly recognisable as you without graphics or visual cues, to engage readers and build a tribe of advocates


Style and Consistency

How to create consistency across all your digital communication platforms – morphing and repurposing your copy for all your online mediums

Copy Structure

 How best to format your copy and content structure to ensure your reader moves in the direction you want them to through your story – including writing calls to action, small copy, blog formats and benefits


Conversion and Engagement

 How to create copy that converts readers to clients and customers – crafting words that offer solutions, rather than sales

There’s only one thing

that makes me happier

than writing copy that elicits

this kind of response…

I was blown away at how succinctly (Jay) captured what I had been fumbling around trying to write…she was able to capture my tone and weave some of my story into the copy which has really connected with clients.
 Gail O’Keefe – Author, Speaker, EFT Practitioner

And that’s teaching you

how to craft copy that makes your heart flutter.

What makes one on one copywriting coaching special?

I’ll teach you how to write compelling and exciting copy, while editing the trickiest parts of your website to ensure the bones of your site are professional and exciting. 

How it works:

The Crisp Copywriting Coaching Intensive 6 weeks of regular online, one on one copy coaching with online access and support.

While you use the skills I’ve taught you to complete tasks during the week, I give a thorough and professional edit to three pieces of copy in your website or advertising that need finesse.

At the end of 6 weeks, you’ll feel more confident about the creation of your own copy, have new skills you can use when writing for your business or brand on any media platform, understand the importance of content design, and have polished, fabulous copy throughout your site.

After years of delivering beautiful copy to clients who used it to strengthen relationships, gain trust, and build their business, I could no longer deny what many of the women I worked for wanted to learn

I loved your feedback and guidance so much and I so love the art of writing that I was wondering if you would be open to mentoring me and help to carve out my own writing style?
I so love expressing myself in this way and would love to learn more on how to craft it.
Tracy O’Meara Smith – Natural Therapist

But, why trust your closet writer’s heart to me?

Because I know all about copy,


and longing for something.

I know what it feels like to take that shuddering breath and leap into the unknown.

I’m naturally empathetic, with a special skill to be able to tune into just what you’re trying to say, and guiding you towards the right words to say it. I’ll hold your hand down the path and point out the landmarks until you can travel the road alone.



We will cover:




* The language of your ideal client

* Creation of your Language Bank

* Emotive Language creation that converts

* How to communicate with your clients on every platform


Brand Storytelling

* Structuring branded copy

* What copy belongs where

* Marrying copy, design, and visuals for optimum engagement

* Exploration of your brand’s tone, formality, and length of copy


Time and Energy Effective Practice

* How to blog in 30 minutes

* Where to find inspiration

* Advice and best practice for the writing and editing process

* Where to easily find inspiration to start telling your story


Individual Focus on You

* Every session tailored to your needs

* Take home tasks individualised

* Accountability and inspiration

* One on one coaching means a magic portal to fast track your success

Copywriting Coaching

Every week we will work together starting with:

A gentle but firm romp through your current website, advertising, and social media copy, over Skype, to determine what your goals are, where the gaps are showing, and to create a flexible outline for the six weeks


6 x 60 minute weekly Copy Coaching sessions (via Skype, phone, or Zoom)



3 pages x Copy Godmother magic wand waving sessions to edit your existing copy factoring in user experience, readability, and SEO



8 weeks online support including homework and notes


Copy Coaching Intensives are extremely limited and individually tailored for every participant

To hire me to create the content and to teach you basic copywriting skills for 6 weeks would be an investment of nearly $4000

Pay up front $2990

Or, contact me to go on a pre-payment plan of $510 per week

Book now to begin in September 2017

Intensives are specifically designed for those who already have a website. If you are at the beginning of your online presence journey, please chat to me about more appropriate offerings

I loved being able to send my words to Jay and get them back “crisped”. However, I had a secret desire to write after spending years telling myself I wasn’t any good. I wanted access to Jay’s skills in a different way…

Lauren June – Business Development Strategist

It’s your story.

Let’s get it told.





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