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Did you know I originally only kept this website live because I’d started my business without a name? I was just me, just Jay Crisp Crow. Good name, hard to forget – funny I hated it most of my life. Turns out, sweet for being front of mind.

And when Crisp Copy was finally properly launched and got established, my name was still 800 times more Googled than my next top search engine query. So, I kept this site and just pointed every darn thing to the Crisp Copy site.

Now, plenty of you fine readers land here looking for copywriting, and just as many land here looking to talk to me, so here’s a single page where you can find a link to just about every way to access me, besides taking me out for coffee and cake.

Only here for the Jay Show?

Cool! No business it is. Here are the best links:

44 Bits Of The Best Advice Free eBook

Just how it sounds, I collected all the good bits from my family, maties, and myself and bundled them up. The idea is, make a cup of tea and see if any tickle your fancy. That’s it. No workbook, no inner soul searching, no implementation.

Stick around for my monthly Old Fashioned – an old fashioned (yep) email newsletter – like we had in the good old days. Think your Aunt Sal and the Christmas letters she used to write on behalf of the fam every year, only filled with best things from the internet, recommendations for incredible reads, recipes so easy someone who can’t cook well (that’s me) can make something delicious, insights on paper daisy propagation – to be honest, I don’t know exactly what it’ll turn out to be yet, but I think it’ll be fun to be on the ride.

Hop on!

Download my Media Kit

Want me to speak to your people but like to check me out first?

Maybe you have a brilliant podcast and you’d like to have a (recorded) chat? 

Here’s the spot

Read my non-business words

Blogs I wrote coz I wanted to. What a revelation!

Read me

Looking for copywriting templates?

Bootstrapping or on a budget but want to get your structure right and use some copy prompts to get you started? I have a chunky range of copywriting templates, resources, and workbooks so you can DIY like a total pro

20 Minute Emails - $100 (or less)

$20 an email.

20 minutes a pop.

And step-by-step instructions, copy advice, templates, structure guidance, and even fill-in-the-blank copywriting prompts to get your Nurture/Welcome or Sales/Launch (or both) emails written – fast!

Get them here

Brand Foundations Workbook - $150

The Crisp Copy Brand Voice Development Workbook takes you through figuring out who you are, what you stand for, who you’re writing for, how you should communicate with them (and where), and – most importantly – how you’re going to alleviate their cold-sweat-panic-3am sessions and make them cry tears of “thank HECKERY I found you” at the same time.

These are the exact questions I start with during a done-for-you brand briefing call to write clients Sales Pages (and other copy) that brings them in millions and millions of dollars. 

Find your voice

About Page Template - $90

Got a whole lot of backstory and no real concept of how to bring it together for your website? Here’s a step-by-step visual guide with accompanying simple documentation to walk you through taking all that story and heart and turning it into something that’ll read well, be easily scannable, and move your ideal client through to the next point of the journey.

Write your own About Page

Sales Page Template - $90

Want to sell ALL. YOUR. STUFF?

Wee bit scared by the idea of conversion copy?

Or just don’t want to be a spammy, sleazy McSalesy pants?

The Crisp Copy Spectacularly Simple Sales Page Bundle is so sumptuously straightforward, you’ll be whipping up converting Sales pages faster than a salmon and strawberry jam sandwich.

Or Vegemite and banana, if you’re my kid.

Sell. Everything.

20 Minute Landing Page - $70

You know you need subscribers and you want to use email marketing like a total High Priestess and you need to start making sweet, sweet cash like, last week. So, how you going to get bottoms on your email marketing seats?Grab the Crisp Copy step-by-step Landing page planner right here and whip one up faster than an instant coffee.

Have your Landing Page written. Today.

Basic Blog Structure - $40

Got the ideas and the know-how but don’t know what your blog should include to get maximum conversion? Don’t know where your metatag goes or what a CTA is?

This super simple, 5 page guide will show you where to put your blog words so they work for you.

Get Bloggy!

No More Boring Bio Template - $60

In the course of your business life, you’ll be asked for a biography about a thousand times a minute (well, it feels like that when you don’t have one).

This template makes it hugely helpful – you really only need to write 2 sentences – at a time. You can then use your first bio to morph into whatever your biography requester needs without starting from scratch.

If you liked mine, here’s how to write yours

Want to get yourself in my copywriting courses?

There are gazbillions (not a real number) of words online you could read to up-level your brand chops. You could pretty much take off a year from life to consume the lot. What makes Crisp Copy online copywriting courses the bomb?

My copy doesn’t just make people pull out their wallets, it also makes their hearts ache.

I’ve won Nationwide awards for my copywriting courses because none of them come without the option of accountability, support, and a daily dose of my brain on tap

Crisp Copy Class - my signature course

Expert lead Masterclasses, copywriting 101, step-by-step modules, everything from your Brand Voice Development to how to write a Sales Page, plus optional live copy hacking, daily access (weekdays!) to Jay, lifetime. of the course access, discounts because it’s my signature course and you’re now my people, and oodles more. 

This course has been created for women in business. From midwives to yoga instructors, from mortgage brokers to website designers, everyone in the deep end together (some with floaties and hey – there’s no shame in that) finding their brand voice, their copy personality, discovering their dream clients, and writing words that sell.

Pull up a desk in the Crisp Copy Class here

Showstopper Sales Page Program

Learn highly-converting Sales page copywriting skills from a working copywriter who specialises in Sales pages and mentoring women like you to write words that sell.

I’ll teach you the essentials of Sales page copy right down to the nitty gritty of how to steal your best clients’ words so you can banish Sales copy writer’s block back to the dusty old wings of backstage – where it belongs.

And! The skills you learn in this course will help you write everything – from social media Ad copy to your launch email sequences – and you can replicate the formulas and structures every time you write a new Sales page.

Learn write to sell everything in the Showstopper Sales Page Program here

Unfail Your Email

Unfail Your Email is a comprehensive self-paced course covering all things email copywriting.

It’s bursting with copy strategy, includes templates and fill-in-the-blank prompts to get you started, and means you’ll never find yourself staring at the blinking cursor of (*%$#*ing) death wondering what the heckery you’ll write to your people about this week. 

It’s no lie: good email copy will have you making dosh while you sleep (or read, or take dance class, or try your hand at a 5 layer cake and if you do that last one can I please be your taste tester?) 

All in less time than it takes you to bemoan the fact it’s been another year and you haven’t taken advantage of starting, growing, or communicating with your list. 

Start Unfailing here

Entice With Email Mini Course - $20

I know you’ve heard it before, but funnels are marketing buffets of goodness, relationship building, and sales. Only, ask any funnel expert what you should write in each bit o’ serving you need to offer and it can all seem a touch… overwhelming.

I’ve made it simple.

This 4 part mini training will walk you through ALL the copy you need from your Lead Magnet to your Nurture Sequence, including all the pages of website in between.

All the copy you need for an entire basic funnel

365 Days Of Copy

365 Days Of Copy is created to be short, sharp, and sweet. It’s to get your writing juices flowing and your idea brain sparking and your good words out into the world so they can do their thing – whatever that thing is you want them to do.

Regardless of if you’re hoping to write more blog copy, want to start making your socials writing easier, or delving into copywriting scripts, courses, or entire proper-like books, use the monthly calendar and prompts to disrupt your mind when it’s doing the whole “but, I DUNNO WHAT TO WRITE” thing and give yourself zero excuses. 

Best bit? It’s $1 a day.

You can still get access any time of the year, but sooner is best! 

Bloggy Blitz - $7

I know there are 2349872347 blogging courses out there.

I know, as I wrote some of them.

My courses focus on blogging for conversion, which is turning your reader into a buyer and your scanner into a lover-lover, it’s all about the long-term relationships and the cha-ching.

But what about if you just want to start writing for fun?

What about if your blog doesn’t have to bring you in any ROI yet?

What about if you just want some ideas to get business-bloggy?

Grab 7 emails over 7 days for just $7 and borrow my bloggy ideas for simple-dimple blog beginnings.

Got $7? Get blogging


Need copy mentoring?

There are two ways you can access Crisp Copy Mentoring, either as a 1:1 main squeeze for 12 weeks or in a group setting.

Lookit, both are good.

And yes, getting me all to yourself over Zoom once a week and being my main focus for 3 months is pretty darn helpful but I believe women should have choices, so if you’re budgeting because you’re starting something new, I also have an option for you

1:1 Copy Mentoring

All the marketing malarkey I could smash out to create the copy for this page wouldn’t do what this direct quote from one of my copy mentor clients does:

“I knew I would be able to figure it all out over a couple of years, but I thought I’d just ask you instead.”

I mean, I don’t actually know what it’s like to go to the gym but I assume it’s like getting your own personal copy trainer, rather than just running around the block a few times by yourself and hoping something magical happens. 


“The value this dazzlingly brilliant woman brings to every minute of your coaching sessions is so ridiculous, I wanted to buy her a house after my first session…”

There are more lovey dovey words over on this page

The CRISP cohort

The CRISP cohort is an online community space delivering high-touch support, regular Q&A sessions, pop up teaching and tutorials, and oodles of copywriting, branding, messaging, and feisty motivation to write what you mean specifically for women who have invested in a Crisp Copy course or program.

Come, join my crew

Free goodies

Which character is your Sales Page copywriting star?

Are you a step-into-the-spotlight kind of woman or more comfortable in the chorus line? Would you be great backstage or do you bring the funny? Does the idea of being front and centre make you want to throw up or do you yearn for it with your whole spectacular heart?

Shine the spotlight on your brand’s unique character and uncover her one-of-a-kind gifts to help you sell smashingly while writing your Sales page copy.

This quiz helps you figure out where your inner, natural star loves to hang out (on stage, up front, or off completely!) and how to teach her the first couple of Sales page copy steps best suited to her so she can hot-shoe shuffle your words straight to the bank!

Take the quiz here

The Truth About Conversion Copy - free copywriting class

In this copy class, you’ll learn why conversion copywriting is actually the most human to human marketing you can write. 

I’ll teach you how to start rethinking it, how to start writing it, and where it belongs.

We’ll also touch on the psychology of your ideal client, the development of your brand voice, and even some quick-win actions to take that’ll cost you nothing and you can tackle in 5 minutes flat.

Get immediate access to the class here

Word Bank Freebie

People aren’t eating up your stuff?

Perhaps it’s because your copy is tasty as cardboard.

Ain’t nothing delicious about stale, boring, or scared. But where do you start?

Good copy needs flavour. And you don’t need to outsource to get it. You can write:

🍑? copy with zing
🍑? copy with crunch
?🍑 copy that sells

Download this free copywriting resource and whip up the first step in a brand that’ll have your reader wanting to lick their screen.

Get it free here

Free Guide To Anti-Angst About Pages

Shall I let you in on a little secret?

I rewrote my About page 174 times before I finally asked for help.

And About pages are my gig.

In fact, I have a business based on the fact that business owners would rather blow their laptop up in the microwave rather than write another (or first!) version of their About page. And yet here I was, knowing better, valiantly trying to do mine by myself. Because writing your own is plain hard yakka.

Don’t. Be. Me.

Snaffle this free guide instead

Free copy advice, direct to your ears

Done-for-you copywriting

Like all good things, there may be a wait. Done-for-you copy is by application only (so we can both be sure we’re the right fit) and there is usually a 4 – 8 week lead time. If you’re thinking this is what you want from our relationship, let me know as soon as possible so I can ensure we meet your deadlines.

Just lettin’ ya know, upfront!

You have a single thing you need to sell, and sell hard

Your Sales page isn’t selling your stuff and your conversions are on the blink.

You need Sales Page copy

Your website is giving you the jitters (or it's non existent)

Your website needs a major makeover, either a page or two or the whole shebang.

You need website copy

You want to harness the ROI of great email marketing copy

You want return on investment and connection with buyers that love your guts.

You need email copy

You know your About page should convert your reader to lover lover

Your About page is making you cry. And not in a good way.

You need About page copy

Curious people are the best kind

so ask me the things

here if you need copy or:

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