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A workshop, training, or consulting session is a fun (and often funny) way to level up your digital communication

I present and runs workshops for a range of topics such as digital presence, copywriting, editing, social media content, branding, and small business communication.

Every presentation is custom crafted for the audience; no rehashed or stale content.

It’s always Crisp.

Topics Include:

  • Copywriting 101
  • Brand Voice Development
  • Copy That Makes Bank
  • How To Communicate On Social Media Without Paying For Engagement
  • Blogging Basics
  • All About About Page Copy
  • Sales Page Workshops
  • Brand Storytelling To Convert
  • Consistent Content Creation
  • Copywriting For Virtual Assistants
  • No More Safe Copy! How To Step Away From Generic And Get Brave
  • How To Write Newsletters That Get Read


You can attend a planned workshop or event,

organise one for your own team,

or book me for a one-on-one session for half an hour, 60 minutes, or a full day

You’ll benefit from:

  • small class sizes – no fifty people in a conference room with people wondering what the heck I’m banging on about in the back row
  • individualised attention – bring along what you’re stuck with and we will work it out
  • opportunity to ask lots of questions – my delivery style is flexible depending on the needs of the group
  • diversity of attendees – which means someone is bound to ask the question you didn’t know you needed answers to
  • take home notes – you’ll take home a bundle of goodness to refer to again and again while planning your online marketing
  • networking chops – because often the person sitting next to you happens to be your next collaborative project partner or loyal client!
If there isn’t a Workshop listed that you think you and your team need, drop me an email.
We will come up with something fabulous.

Upcoming Workshops

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Copywriting Coaching 6 Week Intensive

Self-Paced Online Courses

“… Is there anything about copywriting she doesn’t know? I don’t think so.”

Kristy Morton, WordPress Developer and SEO Specialist, Workshop Participant

Jay is a successful solo entrepreneur whose honesty, work ethic and values underpin her achievements – she is a strong role model for women in business. (She)  is definitely a woman on the rise and she is helping other women in business find their rising stars too. She has a fantastic business to help and inspire women to live their dreams.
Jay is renowned for helping people communicate and has developed training for numerous women in business. She is one of those special women who will go a long way in business, but she will also help others rise too. Jay encouraged women in business to cease to feel intimated by the success of other women.

Lyn Hawkins

Business Women Australia, Women On The Rise Panel Event

Jay is a wordsmith that knows how to turn your message into a meaningful and powerful story. You feel her personality shine through in all the work that she delivers. Authentic and meaningful.
Her support to WILD’C as a guest speaker and presenter was truly valuable and we thank her for her generosity and contribution to make our event both inspiring and educational.

Ruth O'Dwyer

WILD'C Women In Leadership Driving Change, Reenergising Women To Reenter The Workforce

“Knowledge and strategy delivered with power, humour and empathy.”

Lynette Delane, Kits and Bits, Workshop Participant

This is called small copy - the little bits of writing often ignored but extremely powerful to those who read it. You've been served a tasty platter of my words on this site so far, so let me keep this bit really simple: I write, or teach you to write, compelling, juicy copy that makes your ideal client get a little bit heart-fluttery about your brand. I am intuitive and empathetic but a ripper with structure and conversion - a sweet mix. Writing is my gig. Let me help with yours. Need to know all the things about me? Click here.

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