I was checking my Facebook Business page insights this week and noticed that first little dip signifying someone had ‘unliked’ my page.

In the past, being unliked may have just sent me into hysterics (internal hysterics mind):

Why don’t they like me?

What was so offensive about my page in comparison to the rest of the bumf on Facebook that they couldn’t just scroll past?

Couldn’t they have just left me in their likes list and gotten on with their day?

AND! Why don’t they like me? (Oh, yes, resounding theme).

But that was before I understood how Facebook for Business works.

Have you ever noticed this? Did you completely freak out? Let me tell you why those ‘unlikers’ have just done you a bit of a favour.

Let’s do a little case study: I have a new client who is a great student. (She was a teacher first, so perhaps that helps). She began to work with me with a couple of hundred likers and very little engagement. Her likers were mainly family and friends (which is great – never underestimate these people as they are your brand advocates and you should hug them and buy them cake) and some previous customers. She’s been with me for just over a month and in that time her engagement has gone from around

10 people per post to nearly 6000 people. SIX THOUSAND.

Guess how much we’ve spent? It’s less than $50. Guess how much her orders have increased? She’s up until early morning getting orders done. Every time I log on to her Business page she has 27 new messages, most of them orders. We didn’t run a silly competition to get a whole lot of people on her page who were never going to buy from her, we didn’t spend a lot of money (in fact, we haven’t spent any money on advertising for weeks, now that her engagement is up) and she doesn’t have a website that’s bringing in orders. The fact is that every single person who is now engaged on her Facebook page is someone that is GENUINELY INTERESTED IN HER PRODUCT. This means that every time she posts, she pops up on her new likers newsfeeds, she’s engaged with them recently and she’s delivering interesting and relevant information to them. They’re responding. *

So here’s how that ties in with being unliked.

Those two people who unliked my page this week, here’s the fact:

they are never going to be my clients.

They may have liked me in the beginning because they’re my mates and they felt obligated when I sent them an invite. They might be competition. They may be just random click happy folk who live in the area or know our family or maybe my crow picture enticed them… who knows? The simple truth is; they are not my ideal client.

I am not marketing to them because they don’t need my product. I am marketing to the other couple of hundred folk (plus few thousand who are engaged but not ‘yet’ likers) who will possibly need me in the future.

In the end, likers mean less than your engagement stats.

It’s worth it to entertain and keep likers in touch with you, because by liking you they’ve registered their interest in your service or product and their like means they’re staying connected. If they move away, or move on, or perhaps their babies grow up or they sell their business or they don’t ride skateboards anymore, expect them to grow out of your page too.

Who you are left with is the real ideal clients, plus your brand advocates. (I have one friend who comments or shares nearly every one of my posts. I adore her. She needs a medal).

Now there are reasons why someone might unlike you even if they are still interested in the kind of product you’re offering. We business owners are human, so perhaps we have made a mistake like too much promotion, not enough value adding. (For more information about how to do this, you can book a one on one session with me). Also, perhaps you don’t post regularly and then have a flurry of activity. Honestly, do you remember all 1000 pages you’ve ever liked? I don’t. Most of them aren’t on my feed anymore but I KNOW I haven’t gone back and unliked all the ‘Better Breastfeeding’ pages I liked three years ago. So, maybe your recent activity on your page has popped you back on their newsfeed. “Oh!” they say, “I don’t need that anymore” – Unlike. Or perhaps you used a term they don’t agree with. Or turned your profile into a rainbow to celebrate USA getting it right. Maybe you’re just not their cup of tea. Again, who knows?

You can only be certain that if you endeavour to consistently post valuable and content relatable information to likers on your Facebook business page, with sales being a small percentage of your posts, then you continue to add value to the prospective customers and clients that you really want to be watching you.

Likers taking themselves out of the game makes it much easier for you to recognise how many interested people you are reaching if you do decide to use Facebook as a paid marketing tool or even if you’re just insight watching. Learning how to read your insights is a big help in figuring out how your marketing is going. Losing one or two likers a month feels a lot less miserable than having 7000 likers and getting engagement of 200.

80% of us check you out online before we buy something. It’s OK to decide we don’t need you. It’s even better if when we decide you’re not for us, we get out of the way to ensure you can see that your marketing is getting to the right client.

Finally, sometimes, if you’re just liker watching, you won’t even notice you’ve been unliked. Those numbers only show up in your insights. Usually, if you’re like me, you’ve picked up another couple of interested parties around the same time as the unlikers clicked ‘no thanks’ and your numbers balanced back out.

Remember; likers are lovely but it’s engagement that counts.

Be engaging. Give value. Have a conversation. Share something of yourself. Be nice to your mum (OK, I threw that one in there for my son).

Like ?

*This lovely client has agreed to be my first case study. We’re going to lay out her marketing strategy and show how it worked for her. She’s pretty special; she does every single thing I’ve asked her to, even the ones that have made her feel totally outside her comfort zone.


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