Image: Woman mourns loss of old formatting that didn’t have random letters of her business name on separate lines. 

Did you log onto your Facebook business page yesterday to find it’s had a make over?

The changes are rolling out now but yesterday’s update had some people scrambling to rework their clever graphics (think lots of snazzy arrows pointing to CTAs that are no longer in the right spot!)

Facebook changes happen more regularly than my teenager changes his socks, but this change was noticeable.

And rather surprising to many of us.


So, what’s the low down on Facebook’s new business page format?


A super clean top photo image

No more faffing about with your cover photo to make sure your face or logo doesn’t overlap any of your great content.

Where before you had to consider the placement of your smiling face or business logo (always go the smiling face, is my advice), along with the overlaid business name, CTA and the various buttons, now you have a big, clear space to upload your glory shot.

Your profile photo has shifted off to the left hand side.

Folk who like tricky arrows in their graphics now need to point in a different direction. More work for you clever graphic designers this week. Booyah!

It looks a bit like a website

In fact, I used the new layout yesterday to explain “precious real estate” and what should sit where on a Home Page to a copy coaching client.

Treat it the same as you would when planning your website content: what do you see first? Where do you need to concentrate on?

Less room for business names

Do you have a long business name and OCD? Take a valium.

I am seriously considering thousands of dollars of rebrand because the “S” at the end of Crisp Crow Communications SITS ON THE NEXT LINE.

Honestly, I’m having hives. Think about those of us who aren’t concise, Facebook!


An image showing the new Facebook Business Page layout

No more hidden stuff behind the ‘More’ tab

The old design had the menu bar living under the cover photo, and readers had to find out more about you by clicking through to the hidden, secret places of Facebook.

The new design has all this information expanded on the left hand side.

Hello, stats!

Stats that used to live in the left hand column now live in the right.


Where was the warning?

As one business owner quipped; “Facebook can send me daily notifications of what posts I should boost but not to say they’re about to completely change my format!”

The expert says:

I asked Ming Johanson (Facebook guru, 6PR regular and all round #smartgirl) from OTOTGO, about her opinion of the changes.

“Given that most conversation and engagement occurs in the news feed it will be interesting to see how the new look will impact the user behaviour for Facebook pages.

Having gone through several redesigns, this by far is what looks to be the cleanest and most practical for the end user experience.”

Nice one!


What do you think of Facebook’s new business page format?

Like it or sobbed into your keyboard? Already redesigned your cover page? Have I missed any great or terrible aspects?

Tell me all about it in the comments below!