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“…a standout speaker…”

“…I don’t just highly recommend Jay for her speaking, teaching, and presenting prowess, I strongly take you by the shoulders and shake you for not having signed her up already…”


Planning an event where you want the audience to drool?

(With anticipation, not boredom)

Need an experienced speaker who won’t drip feed information, hold back on the truth, or have your audience yawning and checking their phones mid-shindig?

If you need a relatable keynote presenter who is comfortable on the stage, let’s talk.

Most people won’t even know what a copywriter does but mention my name to anyone who is in marketing or who’s been asking for referrals for website content and they’ll say something like, “EVERYONE recommends her. Is she the only one?” ** actual quote ** 

And I can talk about more than words.

From brand and business building to creating the magic 6 figure business with $0 capital and just about as much business acumen (hint: there’s nothing magic about it except it looks good on a website), going from pensioner (the sick kind, not the aged) to philanthropist, to stepping away from safe, finding your voice, and making some noise, I’ll deliver carefully considered, expertly written, hilariously (or seriously, whatever floats your boat) delivered, engaging content to keep your audience riveted to their seats like a staple gun is involved.

Keynote Topics:

Like a pick and mix without the sticky

  • Find Your Voice. Make Some Noise
  • The Truth About Words That Sell 
  • How Chronic Illness Made Me COVID Proof (and what you can learn from that)
  • Anti-Angst About Pages (How To Write Yours Without Tears)
  • Fat, Sick, and Successful AF
  • Copywriting specific topics (About Pages, Sales Pages, Email Copy, Website Structure, Brand Voice)


“…She not only offers practical advice that people can implement immediately, but the girl knows her shiz.

Plus, she’s about as un-boring as a presenter can be…”



Or available for panel or podcast interviews

You bring the chai lattes

“she speaks raw and eloquently, from the heart”

Profesh Bio

Cripes, yes, I can send you the boring version if you need

In her life BCC* Jay juggled a family, a disability, and a communications job that sucked the juice from her bones. She totally believed the stories she’d heard growing up which clearly taught; “Wanna be a writer or creative? Better have a backup plan.”
Learning from Jay makes you want to take your backup plan and set the damn thing on fire, because if there’s one thing going from poverty to High Priestess of Business Bossery has taught her, it’s words matter. They build relationships, and they can make you money. Jay wants all women to realise the power of the connection from their hearts to their fingertips and use it to make waves, be heard, and sell everything.
Through Crisp Copy, Jay writes blow-your-hair-back premium copy for brands, big and small, and – more importantly – teaches folk identifying as women and non binary folk in business how to write copy that sells through mentoring and courses. She focuses on website and email copy with a specific interest in brand voice, selling as serving, and words that help the marginalised take over all the lanes.
She regularly presents in Perth and online on everything from being Fat, Sick, and Successful AF to the very practical How To Write A Sales Page That Doesn’t Suck. In 2019, she founded her first podcast, So Crisp and 2022 delivers a new ear-delight, Don’t Tell Me What To Do.

A musical theatre nut, WAAPA alumni, invisible illness warrior, and converted Hillbilly, Jay is the third owner of a 95-year-old house everyone in the Perth Hills seems to have a connection to and has filled it with children, creatures, friends, and associated mess. After half a lifetime of getting soggy on the sidelines of a netball, soccer, or hockey field thanks to her two eldest children, she’s now followed in the footsteps of her own Mother and has stepped into the role of penultimate Dance Mum, managing and funding her smallest son’s love of Latin and Ballroom dance. She’s the second loudest parent at every dance comp after her husband – the best bloke in the world.

Some days she runs a business just as a middle-finger to everyone who said she couldn’t make a living writing or tells her she charges too much. Don’t judge. Motivation is different for everyone.

* Before Crisp Copy.



These people actually listened

“I had the pleasure of attending one of Jay’s workshops at an event in 2018 and was so impressed by her style and enthusiasm that I knew I wanted her to be a main speaker at our Wheatbelt Women Mean Business event, held in the Central Wheatbelt of WA.

There is something really special about the way Jay delivers her workshops – there is no yawning, no coffee making or ‘gosh I need to wake up’ toilet runs required– she is captivating, funny and most importantly she knows what she is talking about.

I couldn’t recommend Jay enough! I could listen to her fifty times over and not get bored and attendees of the event all agreed, they absolutely loved her.”

Loren Northover – Economic Development Officer – Shire of Mt Marshall

Face feedback form


“Powerful, warm speaker who connects with her audience.

Jay has a presence unlike many others – knowledgeable yet humble, kind but to the point, hilarious yet modest. She’s been a passionate and informative speaker at several events that I’ve attended and I always learn a lot from her!” 

“Absolutely love listening to Jay. She always has the best things to say. Love learning from her as it is so easy. She is down to Earth, funny and knowledgeable! A true 10 out of 10.”

“We celebrated our first birthday event over the weekend for the Wonder Women Project and Jay was our guest speaker for our event.

Jay was an absolute pleasure to listen to as she spoke at our first birthday event. After having a huge calibre of speakers to choose from, Jay’s profile and her success story stood out and I just had to pick her to be involved with our event as a speaker.

She speaks raw and eloquently from the heart. We had many attendees raving about her speech as it resonated with them and really, it solidified 

that I chose the perfect speaker to speak at our event.”

Mastura Koelmeyer – Founder, Wonder Woman Project

“Jay’s insights and perspectives on small business are spot on. She has a fantastic story to share, plus she is living the journey of building her own innovative and creative business.

Not only was Jay an insightful and entertaining panel member, she also highlighted the potential to harness the connections of the online world to create a business that has allowed her to leverage her natural talents and create a business that she loves.”

Amanda Walker – Chair, Wheatbelt Business Network, We Shine Event Panel Event

“Jay has presented to my Membership communities multiple times and was a featured regular in my digital magazine. 

She is one of the highest-ranking attendee attractions for events and the feedback I get from members after her classes are phenomenal.

She not only offers practical advice that people can implement immediately, but the girl knows her shiz.

Plus, she’s about as un-boring as a presenter can be.

I think it’s because she has so much enthusiasm and knowledge for her subject matter, you can’t help but be inspired about upgrading your wording, messaging, and branding after hearing her speak.

I don’t just highly recommend Jay for her speaking, teaching, and presenting prowess, I strongly take you by the shoulders and shake you for not having signed her up already.”

Lauren June

“Thank you a million for the incredible value you shared with my members last week. It was the goddamn bomb and a conversation that has continued among many of us.”

Carmen Braidwood
Camera Coach

“Jay was a stand-out speaker at the Inspired Women of Perth Meet the Mentor event.

The feedback from the mentees lucky enough to learn from her was incredibly positive. They especially loved how she broke down powerful copywriting tools into bite-sized chunks they were able to walk away with and apply in their own business immediately.”Renee Katz – Business Coach + IWOP

“Jay is a wordsmith that knows how to turn your message into a meaningful and powerful story. You feel her personality shine through in all the work that she delivers. Authentic and meaningful.

Her support to WILD’C as a guest speaker and presenter was truly valuable and we thank her for her generosity and contribution to make our event both inspiring and educational.”

Ruth O’Dwyer  – Former CEO, WILD’C

“Jay is a successful solo entrepreneur whose honesty, work ethic and values underpin her achievements – she is a strong role model for women in business. (She) is definitely a woman on the rise and she is helping other women in business find their rising stars too.

She has a fantastic business to help and inspire women to live their dreams. Jay is renowned for helping people communicate and has developed training for numerous women in business.

Jay encouraged women in business to cease to feel intimated by the success of other women.

She is one of those special women who will go a long way in business, but she will also help others rise too.”

Lyn Hawkins – Director, Business Women Australia (BWA) – On The Rise Panelist Event and Awards


“Even before I interviewed Jay Crisp Crow I was enamoured and intrigued by the sound of her. Who was this sassy, smart woman who could turn wordsmithing into an art form that pulled you in and had you asking for more?

It turns out that Jay is a woman of many talents; singer, dancer, actor, and award-winning copywriter. Her story is a powerful one and for any of us who have ever felt like we’re stuck in the chorus line rather than being the star of the show, it’s a must listen.”

Leanne Mulcahy – Her Story Daily

Jay Crisp Crow Perth Speaker

“We asked Jay to come along and host a workshop for our stall holders and extended community as we had heard great things about her workshops… we were not disappointed!

Everyone that attended raved that their eyes had been opened and they now had the skills go forward and put what Jay had said into practice.

Jay was warm, engaging and a wonderful facilitator. We would encourage anyone to jump on the ‘Jay Crisp bandwagon’. She truly is a wealth of knowledge.”

Carina Burress – Perth Makers Market Workshops

“Jay was a speaker at the Virtual LadyBosses Rising Virtual Conference and her vibrancy, passion and in-depth subject knowledge shone through.

Her session was engaging, informative and helpful for our participants.

Jay brings her authentic self to the stage which makes for a fun and informative session. I’d highly recommend her (and will be asking her to come back in future!)”

Jessica Gwyne

“I had the pleasure of having Jay on my Fearless Females Podcast and she was one of my favourite interviews. Not just because of her vivacious and positively addictive personality but because of the depth of vulnerability with which she was willing to go. Jay spoke courageously about her personal journey in a way that my listeners could relate to. She was inspiring and real which was a winning combination for my show and I would have her back any time.”

Tegan Marshall – Fearless Females Podcast

“Thank you SO much for presenting at our recent Change Makers Retreat!

You were engaging, funny, down to earth and full of knowledge.

You read the room & blended right in to the relaxed vibe of our retreat.

You come highly recommended by all 24 women who attended ad even now, we’re taking away little golden nuggets from the day.

Again, thank you!!!”

Noriza Rohan Hult – Wild Woman Retreats

Jay Crisp Crow Perth Speaker

“As a featured speaker at Stories From The Heart™, Jay delivered a wonderful story.

Jay showed enthusiasm and commitment to the task and was professional to work with.

I wouldn’t hesitate in inviting Jay back to one of my live events again to speak as I love her message and style of delivery.” 

Lisa Evans – Professional Speaker (PSA), Author, Certified World Class Speaking and Storytelling Coach, TEDx Speaker Coach, Stories From The Heart

“I was lucky enough to have Jay Crisp Crow as a contributor to a 24-hour FB Live challenge, as part of International Women’s Day.

I found her talk to be engaging, interesting and on-point.

Her energy and enthusiasm were also infectious! I would highly recommend Jay as a speaker to anyone considering hiring her.”

Alli Price – Former Owner of Motivating Mum

“…she is never afraid to tell you what you need to hear…”

Nicky Thomas – Leadership Trainer & Coach

“Where to start? That’s the biggest question here.

I have known Jay for a couple of years and was always magnetised by her wisdom and wit. I kept hearing great things about her work. It was easy when I launched my signature mindset, marketing and personal leadership program for women in business, Market To Thrive, to invite Jay to be one of a small group of masterclass leaders. I just wanted her on the teaching team!

She expertly delivers a call each round, providing my grateful participants with practical, actionable steps and useful insights into the world of quality copy. Jay regularly inspires fabulous wordsmithing amongst the group and I love seeing the excitement and fun generated.”

Shannon Bush – Business Coach & Author

“I recently interviewed Jay, alongside her daughter, Ella, on my Boss Mode Radio show: “Raw Ambition presented by Fusion Biz Babes” about their new social enterprise How Dare She?

I threw some pretty deep questions at Jay and she handled it with beautiful grace and ease.

Jay is definitely as good with the spoken word, as she is with the written word, and has a courageous story to share, along with mountains of biz wisdom. Thanks for coming on the show Jay!”

Ashley Matkovic – Fusion

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GigSuper – The Truth About Conversion Copy

AusMum 2020 Conference & Awards – MC

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Artful Business Conference – Brand Copy

Ostara Marketing Membership – Guest Presenter

Women’s Business School Community – Ambassador 2019

Mama Creatives – Guest Speaker

WE Shine Event – Panelist 

Business Women Australia – Panelist

Uplevel Your Biz International Skills Summit – About Pages

Course Creators Incubator – Conversion Copywriting

Boss Mode Radio: Raw Ambition Series – How Dare She?

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WILD’C – Women in Leadership Driving Change – Guest Speaker

Mundaring Chamber of Commerce Awards – Guest Presenter

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Roooar Magazine – Copy Consultant & Back Page Bossy Pants

Featured Writing: How Dare She?The Huffington PostThrive Global,Family Capers, B-Directory, Artful Business Community, Grafika Studio

BloggersSEO – SEO and Copywriting

KidMagazine – Interviewee

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Jay Crisp Crow Perth Speaker


Best Freelance Copywriting Services 2024 – Western Australia

Best Conversion Copywriter + Copy Mentor – Global – 2021

Best Copywriting Service – iPac Global Awards – 2020

Top 50 Small Business Leaders Australia – Inside Small Business – 2020

AusMumpreneur – WA Business Excellence Gold Winner 2018

Telstra Women in Business Award – Nominee 2016 – 2019

Brilliant Biz Mums – Best Business and Life Clarity 2017

Business Women Australia – Business Woman on the Rise 2016

Nifnex – 100 Most Influential People of Perth 2016

Mundaring Chamber of Commerce – Excellence Micro Business 2015

100 Women of Influence – Nominee 2018

20 On The Rise – Semi-Finalist 2018

Avon Valley Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards – Judge – Business Person of the Year + Business Woman of the Year 2018

Mundaring Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards – Sponsor 2018



Stories From The Heart – Edition 1 – Contributor

 Inspire Journal – One of the ‘Original 40’

Oh Hello Beaufort Magazine – Featured Writer


The Kristy Morton Scholarship – Co-Founder

How Dare She? – Co-Founder and Editor

The Bridge Between – Co-Founder and Writer

Perth Hills Stories – Founder and Editor

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