So, I think at this point of the day we should play a drinking game.

Stick with me here.

Let’s all go to a random website. Ohhhh now, how about we try our own? And every time we read something like this:

Hi, I’m Lucy/Willow/Betsy

I’m a passionate yoga teacher/dog walker/coach working with women who want to reduce the overwhelm/ignite their inner light/so they can thrive/be inspired. 

I am genuine and authentic and original…

We take a shot.

How long before you think we’d be incapacitated? I estimate about 20 minutes, tops.

(Also, genuine and authentic mean the same damn thing, person I stole this copy from, and both are boring as bat poop.)

You know what?

There’s nothing actually wrong with any of these concepts.

Not fundamentally. And these good people, they mean them! They have businesses that are important to them, brands they’ve spent years and thousands developing, they have a gift and want to share it with the world.

The problem is sharing them with the world requires them to be on the internet.

And the internet is a noisy place.

And a LOT of people are singing exactly the same damn song.

Sounding exactly the same as your competitor gives you zero edge.

Find your own brand voice. Don’t be an echo of someone else’s. Because being in the chorus line has only ever paid peanuts. You want your brand to be front and centre stage with the big spotlight on you making the big noise and the bigger dollars.




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Jay Crisp Crow

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