It’s been a big week for Crisp Crow Communications.

It’s been a big week for me too, as a business owner.

This is the first week that my hours at my regular job are down to just a few. As of this week, I’m pretty much just relying on myself and my business.

School fees, netball uniforms, birthday presents, the mortgage, that pesky electrical bill that keeps climbing, trips to the doctor… you know: life. That’s all resting on my capacity to do what I do well. There’s not much of a safety net anymore.

However, the week is rocking and I’m booking out my workshops and speaking with new clients and so far, everyone is happy. The kids are enjoying proper Mama-time, for the first time in a long time. I’ve spent whole half days playing dinosaurs and making endless jam sandwiches with my No 1 Jam Sandwich Maker (who insists he is four, even though he clearly just had a third birthday), my husband is beyond proud, and I’m thinking

“I’ve got this!”

Then, BAM.


If it was a regular work day, well, I have sickness days stored in the bank. I’d call in unwell and work like mad come Monday to make up what I’d missed today.

Without the safety net of being an employee, what I miss today is all on me. Plus, it’s not just me, it’s me plus ALL THREE of the kids utilising buckets and moaning. Honestly, it’s like a scene from the Exorcist in here today and in the back of my mind is the knowledge that I’ve got until the end of the weekend to finish a huge content edit and create two brand new Facebook pages.

Recently, a woman I admire admitted in a business forum that she felt lagging in the motivation department. On days like today, I get that.

Motivation as a tool has never worked for me. I used to get motivated to tackle something and then the shine would wear off a bit and I’d start to feel as if the issue was less than important.

What I’ve found does work is a combination of inspiration, forward thinking and pure habit. Determination.

So, some days, like today, I’ll have to do half-time foxtrot.

That’s OK, as I can double-time like the best of them another day. I’ll keep ploughing through for today as I know that come next week, hours will pass like moments as I thrill to a new adventure. Focusing on one job at a time – a page of the website, a sterilise of the bucket, a new Facebook cover page, a snuggle of the (seriously perky after a night’s worth of throwing up) toddler – this is how I’ll manage today. Tomorrow might be worse, or better. I’m not thinking of that just yet. I’m in today and picturing that time in a week when a few projects come together and the words fly from my fingertips and clients are satisfied and the kids are eating solids and making happier noises than groaning.

It’s not glamorous.

No one would put my coping mechanisms on an Instagram quote with clouds behind it.

But it 100% works for me. Every time.

A spot of inspiration.

A glance into the future.

The force of habit.

Sheer determination.



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