Verissima Natural Skincare

Small batch, organically based, all natural skincare

carefully crafted by hand in Western Australia

The Goods

Rebrand and New Website Project Management including New Photography

Website Copywriting and Design

Email Marketing Campaign

Social Media Refresh 


The Project

Nat from Verissima had put her business on hold temporarily – a pause that lasted years longer than she intended. She’d been messed around by a high-end coach and web developer and ended up with a website she couldn’t manage and didn’t love. Every time she considered re-launching, the very thought of her online presence was enough to put her off.

Nat needed new branding, strong messaging, careful editing of her distinctive voice, a refreshed visual brand, powerful copy, and project management of a website build – one she could actually update content herself.

I held Nat’s hand throughout the rebranding and relaunching process; from organising the photographer and choosing the models (in line with Nat’s philosophy, even the models were home grown, all natural Perth Hills women!) to having the logo reworked and overseeing every part of the site build. I wrote each page of copy including editing the blog posts – some of which had been in a drawer at Verissima HQ for some years. We implemented an email marketing template and plan Nat felt she could stick to and I wrote her initial relaunch and welcome emails along with reinvigorating her Facebook business page, imbued her product descriptions with personality, and put her back on the path to changing the world, one soulful product at a time.


The Copy

Every Verissima skincare product is hand crafted using all natural ingredients that are good enough to eat.

That’s why Verissima is soul food for your skin.

Blessed with an upbringing in some of West Australia’s most incredible, raw environments, I build my life with my (often bare) feet gentle on our earth.

My heart is with the land, which is one of the reasons we bought our “Farm” when our son was small and I was pregnant with our second child. We can teach the next generation through our journey of discovering how to best care for the land on which we live.

I hand craft every single product, here on the farm, with integrity and careful thought for your families wellbeing.


Client Love

“Working with Jay has been mind-blowing inspirational.

This woman had a huge amount to do with my decision to relaunch Verissima, more than she possibly knows.

Her intuitive ability to get out of my head the things I’d been trying to get across since I’ve been in business was phenomenal. That’s 9 years of ideas, thoughts, words, feelings all pent up inside of me.

I was brought to tears the moment I read the copy she had crafted….I had made the decision not to look, not even peek, at my new website that I left pretty much in Jay’s more than capable hands. I knew I could trust her; she knew me and my story well. I turned on the computer and clicked the link, my jaw dropped, tears welled up in my eyes just as they are now. Not only was the copy so heartfelt so raw and real – it was me. It was my family, my really tough soul crushing moments in life that I see through the pictures and the stories.

Not only did Jay create my website I also asked her to edit my ramblings for blogs. I’d scribbled down many stories over the years, some very close to my heart. Heartbreaking moments that I wrote but couldn’t share with the world….yet. Fast forward 12 years and I entrusted Jay to edit and hit the publish button on that one. Wow!

I feel it’s important that people know, really know, who is behind a business. Who is that person you are purchasing from, working with? Jay has a truly magical ability to tell that story, to help you explain what it is you’re trying to say. Sometimes you’re so “in” your business you cannot see your brilliance, let alone tell the world about it. Jay can honestly help you get the message out there.”


“I’ve just gone through the scheduled posts.

To read my words but much better put, accompanied with a gorgeous image you have cleverly and thoughtfully selected, makes all the difference. To have you taking on the FB baton is such a huge thing. It means a lot and my head is clearing.

Thank you for being you, thank you for being so thoughtful and bloody good at what you do.”




 Love what you see? I offer Project Management of new or refresh site builds to select clients. If you need someone with natural empathy, who will take your vision and allow it to blossom, let’s talk.

I write compelling copy for brands needing words that convert.

Please note: Sometimes the copy I’ve written for clients may have been changed after I’ve delivered it. I believe all clients should have access to all parts of their website and once delivered, a client’s copy belongs entirely to them. If you require clarification please email me.