When you hire me you are really purchasing years of my experience and boundless enthusiasm for new projects.

This blog lives here so you can check me out; my writing, what I stand for, and what drives me. (That way you don’t need to stalk me on Facebook).

Therefore, be prepared to read a bit about good business communication practice, marketing tips, advice on starting a blog, information on how best to use a copywriter, but also how to connect with teenagers, the importance of great lipstick on a bad day, how to rock what you’ve got, and other musings on this messy, glorious ride we are on.

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This photo isn’t artfully blurry. It’s actually a real time shot taken on my iPhone by my son when he was 2 1/2. Guess what I’m doing. Yep, starting a blog.

Fully Sick Business Chick

This article was originally published in The TIREDGIRL Society Magazine, an online publication specifically for women with chronic illness, August 2018. Reprinted with kind permission from Abby James. What Business ‘Success’ Really Looks Like For A Sick Chick “But...

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Balance Is Overrated

  This blog was inspired by a presentation I was invited to give to the Motivating Mum's community on International Women's Day, 2017. I wanted to talk to you about balance ...because I think it’s balderdash And while maybe, yes, saying it’s a conspiracy to keep...

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What If I Could Be Both?

This story was originally told as part of a live storytelling event entitled Stories From The Heart, by Lisa Evans. Click here to view the video. What if Jay forgets her entire story? No, that's not happening. So, I don't know if you noticed as I walked up here, and...

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I’m Not Sure I’m A Mumpreneur

  Not a mompreneur either. Not a blondepreneur, or femmepreneur, or even a bedpreneur. In fact, I’m not even an entrepreneur, in the pure sense of the term. But I am a business owner. A creative in business. And a mother. (And a wife, a Musical Theatre nut, a...

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Are You A Dodgy Wife? I Thought I Was Too

In my spare time (ha!) I stalk the Duggars and read blogs of polygamist Mormon women. ... I know. (If you've never binge-watched Big Love while considering which of your girlfriends you could bear to live with, you're missing out!) OK, it's partly because they...

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Position Yourself As The Main Event, Not One Of The Chorus Line

So, I think at this point of the day we should play a drinking game. Stick with me here. Let’s all go to a random website. Ohhhh now, how about we try our own? And every time we read something like this: Hi, I’m Lucy/Willow/Betsy I’m a passionate yoga teacher/dog...

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Don’t Give Up Your Day Job… Yet

  Let me say this up front: I’m calling BS on a lot of those “I quit my job and within 6 months I’m making 7 figures a fortnight” stories. Who ARE those women? Some kind of entrepreneurial bandits? And what kind of message are they perpetuating? That if we only...

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Why I Can’t Meet You For a Quick Business Coffee

  I am roaring through my inbox (still haven’t taken the time to set up the email filters like my business coach has taught me to), trying to maximise my writing time while handling incoming emails, upgrading my proposal document, and carefully scheduling every...

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5 Tips on Public Speaking for Scaredy Cats

When I originally launched Crisp Copy, I couldn’t imagine public speaking would become part of my business journey. The idea of speaking publicly, either in front of real, live humans or on the air, made my heart palpitate and mind race. And here’s the odd thing: with...

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Resourcing and Outsourcing

Last month I was invited to be a featured speaker at an upcoming Perth event. With 15 highly successful, professional women in business as my co-speakers, the event aims to encourage and empower women to re-enter the workforce. My topic is the only one geared towards...

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Disconnect to Reconnect

It’s 47 degrees in the shade and I’ve been awake since 5am fishing with my unexpectedly angling obsessed daughter. I’ve also taken my three-year-old swimming twice, all the while allaying his fears that Santa won’t find us in the ‘holiday caravan’, and had an in-depth...

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How Not To Use Your Facebook Friends for Networking

I was surprised when I started my business how many people just LOVED me at networking events. I mean, I’d go to these things, meet someone for less than ten minutes, swap cards and voila! They wanted to be my friend on Facebook. I must be likeable, right? It took me...

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Why Get Social In Business?

  I often indulge in a little internal chuckle when I get a message or phone call that begins with “I stumbled across your business page in my Facebook feed...” Nope, you didn’t stumble. This was no accident. I put myself there. Right in your path. I often hear...

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Business Networking for Introverts

There’s a couple of women doing business in Perth. And man, are they doing business. I follow them on social media and I’ve met them a couple of times at various events. They’re super smart, funny, exciting women with great business concepts and just being near them...

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Who Did You Plan On Being?

I am a content writer, editor, social media savvy communicator, super mother and Hills enthusiast, but, when I was small, I wanted to be a lawyer, a musical theatre star and an internationally based roller skating waitress. Preferably all at once. As young people, we...

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A Blog About A Bikini, and, well, Love

  Before I began Crisp Crow Communications, I wrote an anonymous blog for a year. I didn't tell anyone I was publishing, I just wanted to gauge if people would even read what I wrote, and if they'd like it. This blog piece had an outstanding response. I guess it...

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Storytelling – Both Glorious and Dangerous

  I love storytelling. My business is built on stories and my capacity to weave a likeable tale around a concept. The spiralling, uplifting dance of adventure draws me in and takes me travelling. I’m such a willing co-pilot in the shotgun seat. Beginning a...

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3 Helpful Tips To Help You Get Unstuck

Feeling stuck? Here's a free ‪#‎teamcrispycrow‬ tip we all use: To Get Unstuck! Act unlike yourself. Behave in a way completely outside of regular. Do everything backwards for a day. Leave for work an hour early... Drop in to visit someone, take a walk, buy someone a...

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Guest Blogging – Complete with 1st Big Writer’s Block!

  Picture this: I receive my first email from my new website less than four hours after it's live. It’s an offer. It’s a guest blog spot. It’s everything I could have hoped for and I am literally dancing with excitement. Immediately, I know what I’ll write about....

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Vulnerability in Business (Go #teamcrispycrow)

  I read a really thought-provoking article on Anxiety in Business last week and how it’s hardly acknowledged. The article lead me on a merry trip down the rabbit hole of Google to read a few more. There seems to be a distinct lack of conversation about emotional...

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Starting a blog?

Professional Copywriting skills, combined with natural empathy, means I step into your voice delivering powerful content that sounds like you.

Blogging is a powerful sales tool that is essential for all successful websites. However, it sometimes lives right at the bottom of our To Do lists. Why? Because once we were told we weren’t a good enough writer, or because we’d rather scrub the shower with a toothbrush. Why not stop beating yourself up about it and outsource to someone who adores it?

(Ahh, that’s me.)
I take the responsibility of regular blogging away so you can breathe out.
I guest or ghost (write as you) blog for your business using my expertise and your voice on any subject you like.
I write wellness, business, marketing, real estate, solar energy, meditation, salon, store, beauty, parenting and medical.

You can purchase my blogs as a one off, or buy in blocks of ten, have them delivered once a month and upload all at once, and get a mani/pedi.

Jay Crisp Crow

Yep, really my name

If you’re here for the intuitive mix of done-for-you, make-you-cry copy or you want to learn all my secrets so you can DIY like a pro; sister, you’re in the right place. I’m a copywriter, editor, and copy consultant and coach for businesswomen ready to move away from the boring as bat poop churning out of content. Words that sound the same as everyone else’s. Bah humbug! I am terrible at writing my own blogs but smashing at writing for clients. I live in the Hills of Perth, WA, and work with women around the world through the technologically spiffy powers of t’internet. Yay for that!