I’m obsessed with Jay’s words, I read everything she writes.

… she is a Content Superhero

who oozes authenticity and she has a quirky style that resonates with me and my business brand.

Jay’s ability to produce content that is in line with your brand is magical.

I also appreciated the learning experience that Jay provided;

I was offered super-smart strategies to ensure my future content is also on point.

Stop fumbling over your words and spending hours you simply don’t have,

engage Jay immediately and be prepared to be blown away. 

Kerri Duff Borthen – Founder and Ninja at The Shortlister

These folk love their new words. Want to be next?

“Jay just GETS YOU and produces killer content to boot. Evidence?
When I was going through and revamping my articles, Jay helped proof, edit, and rewrote some entirely.
Her work was so good, that I was reading one article thinking “GEE! When did I write this? This is GOOD!”
Then I realised I hadn’t.
Jay had.
That’s how much she gets your voice.”

Blog Writing + Editing + SEO Keywords

Maria Doyle

Creating Real Change

.”..captured the absolute essence of who I am as a business woman and translated it powerfully into words…”

I engaged Jay’s services to write a Sales Page for my website. I had a chat with Jay as she extracted from my brain what I was trying to convey in regards to my Sales Page. She took away the information and crafted the Sales Page. I was blown away at how succinctly she captured what I had been fumbling around trying to write, that was causing me to feel frustrated and overwhelmed with getting the words together so that they made sense to my prospective client. She was able to capture my tone and wove some of my story into the copy which has really connected with clients.
I also received a document with the final copy ready to upload onto my website. One of the other benefits I received was the keyword SEO information and how to best lay out the copy on my website, in order to increase the SEO.

I have also had Jay write a short Bio for one of my upcoming presentations. I had a tight deadline to meet and Jay was able to meet this. Nothing is too much trouble and Jay delivers exceptional value, knowledge, and copy on time every time.

I would highly recommend Jay’s services if you too are fumbling around, wasting time and energy trying to write your own copy and want copy that engages and converts.

Website Copywriting

Gail O'Keefe

Gail O'Keefe

“I felt Jay expressed my brand’s unique and exclusive voice better than I could ever do.”

I am always delighted with the quality of the copy Jay provides for me and have most recently employed her to write advertising copy for my workshops. My business deals with delicate subject matter, and Jay tweaked the content so parents would be less confronted. I have always been more than happy with the investment I have made with Jay and I love her invoicing and payment gateway. It’s so easy.
I would definitely recommend Jay to anyone who needed a copywriter. I love the way she makes the copy sound like my own words. She definitely has the ability to get my message across, she really listens.

Advertising Copywriting

Holly-ann Martin

Safe 4 Kids

I don’t know how she does it!

What I love most about Jay, is she’s not afraid to tell you what you need to hear. As any Entrepreneur will know, marketing yourself is always a tougher gig than you first imagine. Even with my kick-ass attitude, I had an About page that was weak and uninspiring.

Jay captured the absolute essence of who I am as a business woman and translated it powerfully into words.

I now have an About page I’m proud of, that reflects my business brand, to share with the world.

Website Copywriting

Nicky Thomas

Action Strategies

I met the ‘brimming with awesomeness’ Jay at a ‘watch your language’ workshop she was running in August 2016. The instant I clapped eyes on her, watched and intently listened to her content delivery, I just knew I had to work with her. There was something ‘special’ about the way she expressed herself in person, so I just knew she would be down-right brilliant at word execution. And I was right! She has a unique way of expressing and extracting information out of clients and putting it down in words.
After weeks poring over my own website, she finessed the content with ease and poignant articulation.
Her wordsmithing is nothing short of outstanding… she makes copy jump off the page and land in your lap, just like an enthusiastic puppy.
Not only is Jay the best there is, she is a dynamic inspiration to all women, funny, warm and easy to work with. She’s one in a gazillion.

Workshop Training + Copy Coaching

Jodie Lee McCulloch

Blue Wren Solutions

Jay wrote website copy for my new website. It was outstanding – couldn’t have been happier! I loved the little tips and highlights included too.
The copy has helped me become more of an authority in my industry. I’m so proud to show my website off these days, the copy just sums up perfectly who I am and what I’m about, which in turn has helped me attract my ideal clientele.
I feel as if the investment in a copywriter was worth it. I didn’t know what to expect before Jay, and I’m so, so thrilled with the outcome.
Jay was able to sum up my jumbled mess of words in my head and turn it into something I would say, but in a much more structured and professional way.

Website Copywriting

Lisa Cappucio

Luna Ink

“…helped me attract my ideal clientele…”

I literally had tears in my eyes as I read the first draft of my About page for my website. The words resonated so deeply and the bubbling excitement began to rise again. Yes this is me, this is my journey and I love it!

Thank you Jay for drawing this out of me and expressing my essence in your beautiful words.

Crisp Copywriting Coaching Intensive 

Nicole Bathurst

Naturally Nic

“I literally had tears in my eyes as I read the first draft…”

I have been operating Kindy Dance Time for over 10 years now and within that time I have encountered many different contractors nationwide working on various projects, including the launch of the franchising network. I would just like to take a moment to let you know that I have had the very great pleasure of working with Ms Jay Crisp Crow from Crisp Crow Communications over the past 8 weeks or so, and this lady is nothing less than absolute dynamite!

Not only is Jay up-to-date and knowledgeable on the ever changing social media scene and rules, she is tremendously creative and has a fabulous attention to detail – the core qualities which I think are just critical for business success. Jay does the research needed and she is constantly open to receive new information – she works tirelessly and craves to understand every detail of your business. Her loyalty and commitment to making your business stand out above the rest is just so evident in her work ethic. I do actually hesitate to say this for purely selfish reasons (because I would love to have her all to myself), but here goes … I highly recommend Crisp Crow Communications to anyone wanting assistance in promoting and marketing their business, particularly in social media! Thank you Jay, I look forward to our flourishing partnership and journey.

Copy Editing + Social Media Copywriting 

Lara Gandini

Kindy Dance Time

I can not tell you how much I loved working with Jay Crisp Crow, but I’ll try.
I’ve had two very productive 45-minute sessions via Skype/ phone to review my web copy a few months apart. Jay can talk fast (which suits me because I can talk fast and like people who are direct). We whipped through my website finding better ways for me to articulate what I do, removing passive text that makes me own my words and gets my website working for me. Jay doesn’t pull any punches but is also equally lavish with praise when she sees something she loves. Everything is said with love, humour and a huge amount of experience behind it.
The thing I love most about Jay (with Hughie) is that she explains the why of the changes she’s recommending so you can stop making the same mistakes and become a better copywriter.
After implementing most of what we talked about I can already see the difference and have had great feedback about the before/ after. I took part in Jay’s 10-day copy challenge which prompted me to start writing, not just about my technical skills and knowledge but about my life.
When I gave Jay a couple of my stories to edit and “jhoosh”, I cried and laughed at them when I got them back and that’s to stories I already know the ending to. Thanks Jay for Crisping up my copy

Copywriting Coaching

Lynette Delane

Kits and Bits

.”..couldn’t have been happier…”

Jay has been a godsend.

For such a long period of time, I couldn’t find my words. Not matter what I wrote it never seemed to come out the way I wanted. Now I have my copy angel on call which has somehow made me enjoy writing again.

Thank you Jay, for always being able to write my words just a little crisper.

Copywriting + Copy Editing + Copy Coaching

Lauren June

Lauren June Business Development Strategist

Jay was able to put on paper (electronic!) what was inside my head and heart but was unable to convey myself.
In addition to being a total rock star goddess copy writer – Jay was totally professional to deal with, AND she went completely above and beyond what the scope of the assignment was and added such immense value to my website and to my business overall.
Jay has continued to deliver after sales service beyond what is expected or required. I am forever grateful Jay, and would recommend you in a heart beat. Thank you for everything you have helped me with.

Website Copywriting

Gillian Nathan

Simple Solutions Accounting Services

“…total rock star goddess copywriter…”

After working with many journalists over the years, Jay, you are one of a kind. I love reading your articles, social media posts and the like. I was ecstatic with the lifestyle articles for a magazine and copy for real estate brochures you wrote for me. I found you friendly, educated, and easy to brief, and the end results were brilliant. I felt completely comfortable giving you an important job and you running with it and making it the best it could be and I have recommended your services to others. Article Writing + Advertising Copywriting

Emma Kenton

Oh Hello Beaufort Magazine

“…she always nails what I am about…”

I can’t recommend Crisp Crow Communications highly enough. Jay has helped me find my voice and connect with my ideal client in so many ways. You know how things can make so much sense to you because you are talking about your business or your expertise, but have other people scratching their heads wondering what you are on about? Well, that was happening to me until Jay stepped in. She improved my copy on my website so you didn’t have to have a Midwifery Degree to understand it. We spent a day overhauling it all and also turning my blogs into a really engaging email mailing list campaign which has added enormous value to my target audience and therefore me. She has also helped me find my voice in my blogs. I have attended workshops and online training with Jay to improve my own confidence, but what I love most is when I have her all to myself. The results are amazing as she always nails what I am about and what it is I really want to say.

Copywriting + Editing + Social Media Content Creation

Pip Wynn Owen

Birth Savvy Perth Hypnobirthing

Thank you so much Jay for:
Getting me out of the loop of whinging about my lack of marketing skills but not having the skills to do anything about it….
Listening to me saying how far out of my comfort zone I was going and telling me I’m not in small business to feel comfortable…..in a nice way!
Turning any words I’ve thrown at you and creating something that sounds great, looks great and makes sense.
Finding the perfect cover photo for my Facebook page within minutes of our first meeting…It was ‘me’ exactly!!
Your expertise and thorough knowledge of a language I can only begin to understand.
Being friendly, flexible, patient and very quick to reply to anything I’ve asked.
Quite simply taking the worry away so I can enjoy spending time doing  what I am good at.

Copywriting + Editing + Social Media Start Up

Pip Windsor


Jay did what I couldn’t and put into coherent words the vision behind my program. As I first read the copy, it had me saying “yes!” aloud many times. Not only was the sales page copy brilliant but she also put it all together in a way that made it so easy to add to my website. Thank you Jay, I’ll be back for sure!

Website Copywriting

Yael Keon

Mix Savvy Marketing Consultant

When I made the decision to start my own business after being out of the workforce for many years, it was a very scary proposition. I knew that I needed to create an online presence, and that my business needed help to get “out there”, but I had absolutely no idea where to start. The digital world had changed so much since I was last working full time. Fortunately for me, I had known Jay for a little while and was lucky enough to watch as her talents for social media and authentic, heartfelt writing became more visible. She has helped me to clearly express what my goals are for my business, and also for my family, and how the two will work together. It is really inspiring to see such a passionate, intelligent woman thriving in her own business- and managing to enroll her family into the process. As a mum considering re-entering the workforce, that has been really inspiring. Jay’s writing is humorous and intelligent but, most importantly, it’s real. Real is what people connect with, and with Jay’s work, “real” is what resonates through everything she writes. Plus, she really, really knows her stuff.

Copywriting + Social Media Content Coaching

Stacy Gardoll

The Painted Room

This is to say how much I love working with you. Your innate ability to step into my shoes never ceases to amaze me.

What I most appreciate is your joy, love, ability, and skill with words to express who I am, particularly as I what I do is intangible, that is it is not a product. This makes it at times difficult to convey in the written word. You have this knack of cutting to the chase and nailing it. I know when we have as it sends shivers up my spine.

You are kind, thoughtful, thought-provoking and gentle towards me as we, as your clients, can be at times defensive of our brands. You know how to guide me to see it in another way and then let the reigns go for me to make the decision, even if it is not what you would choose. Invariably, I come back to your way as it sometimes takes time to let it sit in my heart.

Thank you for all the work you do with me and Unfold Your Freedom and Franc.

Website Copywriting + Social Media Copywriting + Content Population Project Management 

Chantal Vanderhaeghen

Unfold Your Freedom and Franc Essential Skincare

Participated in Jay’s 10 day Blogging Blitz Challenge. It helped me focus and produce quality blog posts, both finished and embryonic. Each session was structured to challenge our thinking and produce something new and fresh. Her feedback was honest and generous and I feel confident that what I produced is a true reflection of myself and my business. Marketing gold!

Blogging Blitz Challenge

Jennifer Manefield

Jennifer’s DeCluttering Solutions

We were extremely lucky to have Jay from Crisp Crow Communications join us, Flourishing Team and a handful of our Flourishing clients for an afternoon of Social Media, marketing and Communication. We Love Jay’s energy, enthusiasm and passion for all things marketing. She is so advanced in her knowledge, she really walks her talk and her presentation was remarkable. We are looking forward to working with her more in the future.

Traning + Workshop

Davina Sheldrick

Flourish Enterprises

I employed Jay to write some advertising copy for my exclusive home wares brand. She was worth every penny! I stopped worrying altogether about content, which I was doing on a regular basis. Having Jay write for me saved me a lot of time, thus money.

I felt Jay expressed my brand’s unique and exclusive voice better than I could ever do.

I found Jay very professional and responsive to work with and she provided a high quality of work within my deadline. She made me feel confident about the outcome of the copy and made suggestions to better suit my brand. Jay is a dream to work with.

Advertising Copywriting

Gabrielle Morris

Silence is Luxurious

I came across Jay’s website whilst working on my new website. As I started to read the pages of Crisp Crow I found myself giggling out loud, nodding my head and wanting to read more – I was hooked. Jay has an incredible way of making words real, when I read my web site content I feel like this is exactly who we are – I love it. I also found Jay has given us valuable SEO information and guidance to ensure we are heading in the right direction when it comes to people finding us on the big wide world of the internet. Jay has been so incredibly easy to work with, she has a great sense of humour and a terrific sense of self – which you can see when you follow her social media accounts. I look forward to continuing the journey on team Jay Crisp Crow.

Social Media Content Creation

Megan Briers

Patio & Balcony Outdoor

“One of my favourite writers on the interwebs. Humour, gravitas and top tips all rolled into one crisp package.”

I have worked with Jay at Treetops School for 2014 – 2015. During this time I was the Business Manager and Jay was the Director of Communications and Admissions. Jay handled the entirety of the Marketing and Promotions department for the school and was directly accountable to me. Jay has a passion and zest that she brings to all aspects of her work. Some people are good at what they do and some people are passionate about their work; Jay is both. She brings an excitement for the project that is infectious and her planning is successful mainly due to the way that she reads the situation, the people involved and ensures that the message delivered at the end goal is clear, correct, creative and has a distinctive message.

Jay has a great manner with people; she is consistently warm, friendly and patient with all the people she deals with on a daily basis, from parents to students to government officials. I found her ability to think creatively a bonus for an often stressful working environment and discovered that she was a person on whom I could rely. She demonstrates great flexibility under pressure and has no issues working to a demanding deadline. I am pleased to be recommending Jay to any company or individual who may be considering hiring her for her communication or marketing skills. She would be an asset to any organisation.


Treetops School

Treetops Montessori and International Baccalaureate School

It has been such a pleasure working with you on the campaign to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer in WA. As I did not realise how big and successful this project was going to be, it was with delight and relief for me that you so willingly offered your time, skills, professionalism and ability to create such traction with social media as I could not have done this on my own as well. You made it seem so easy with your creativity, knowledge on how to use social media effectively and ability to see the bigger picture. This gave me the time to focus on what I needed to do to achieve our goal of creating a fabulous and fun day. And it was very effective indeed! In addition, your love for words shone through in each and every way. You understood very quickly how it needed to be written with sensitivity and thoughtfulness. It was executed very efficiently and in a timely manner. This was important to me giving me confidence to focus on what I needed to do as there was great communication between us to get the desired outcome and results. I am looking forward to working with you in my business now that we created a wonderful sense of trust and understanding of each other and how we work best together. Many thanks again for all that you did. I highly recommend anyone working with you. They will certainly have fun in the process of working with you.

Breast Cancer Care Fundraiser and Social Media Campaigns

Chantal Vanderhaghen

Unfold Your Freedom and Franc Essential Skincare

I was very impressed with the work I employed Jay to do. It was fantastic. I had a short deadline and Jay was able to complete a very fast turn around, she was very friendly and helpful during the process. The work helped me become more visible in my industry.
Jay was really able to really translate my words into a polished form. She fleshed out my words into something good enough to be published. I felt the investment helped me feel confident readers would understand the points I was trying to convey.


Website Copywriting + Editing

Grace Mugabe

Financially Empowered

We hired Jay to write website copy and project manage the build of our new site at Nebular Constructions.

We were thrilled with her excellent work and used some of the copy in our advertising too. We found her friendly and easy to work with and although we are a small, family business, the feedback we’ve had so far is that people are saying the site is very good. We actually considered Jay to be a bargain when you look at all she provided us.

To be honest, we’re a bit old school, so I’m generally quite basic in what would say about most items on our website, so having someone put a bit of “spunk” in our web page was refreshing, and I felt our business was portrayed really well. I’d definitely recommend her to another company.

Website Copywriting

Ben Humphreys

Nebular Construction

I’ve just gone through the scheduled posts. To read my words but much better put, accompanied with a gorgeous image you have cleverly and thoughtfully selected, makes all the difference. To have you taking on the FB batton is such a huge thing. It means a lot and my head is clearing. Thank you for being you, thank you for being so thoughtful and bloody good at what you do.

Copywriting + Social Media Content Creation

Natallie Wright

Verissima Natural Skincare

I’m very thankful to have found Jay. I booked her for Skype Copy Coaching and wished I had done it sooner. Her expertise exceeded my expectations. I am looking forward to working with her for my future copy needs.


Copywriting Coaching
Melanie Gray

MY Computer Lab

Wow, just had 2 hours with Jay at my house and I don’t know what to say! Where do I start? So many ideas! I can see my business heading in the most amazing direction with Jay’s help, I highly recommend her! (Excuse me now I’m off to write some Facebook ads… because Jay said so!)
Deer Little Designs totally headed in the right direction after I met with Jay. At the time it was a big investment for me but I literally remember the stuff you taught me EVERY DAY and it still makes me smile when I see other girls struggling and I think… I know that, Jay helped me with that and now my little business is so much better because of the skills Jay taught me! I didn’t know what I didn’t know, and now that I know it, it’s remarkable how open my eyes are and I didn’t realise until now that they’re special powers Jay taught me. You need to LEARN this stuff, you can’t just wing it!

Social Media Content Coaching

Amy Drummond

Deer Little Designs

I’m obsessed with Jay’s words, I read everything she writes. For me, she is a Content Superhero who oozes authenticity and she has a quirky style that resonates with me and my business brand. I would have been a fool not to engage Jay’s genius for my Landing Page and Opt-in Copy. Jay’s ability to produce content that is in line with your brand is magical. I also appreciated the learning experience that Jay provided; I was offered super-smart strategies to ensure my future content is also on point. Jay’s work with my brand is not yet complete, I will definitely be coming back for more, her copy makes me shine and who doesn’t want to sparkle whilst being a ninja! Stop fumbling over your words and spending hours you simply don’t have, engage Jay immediately and be prepared to be blown away. Thank you so much Jay, I look forward to stalking you (I mean working with you) many, many more times in the future.

Landing Page Copy + Content Planning Workshop

Kerri Duff Borthen

The Shortlister

This content planning workshop was excellent! Sarah and Jay ran a well-planned and engaging day with oodles of insightful and practical ideas and strategies. The content planning framework was straightforward and user-friendly – I’ll be much more organised in managing my content creation process. I recommend this workshop for any business that wants to learn more about content planning and develop a practical strategy for their content creation.

Content Planning Workshop

Anna Dixon

Creative IQ

The 2017 Content Planning workshop with Sarah and Jay was a practical way to review marketing and content foundations for the year. It gave me a chance to reflect and set out a plan I know I can move forward with efficiently. I don’t struggle with creating content but keeping it focused and ordered is now going to be much easier with their expert guidance

Content Planning Workshop

Shannon Bush

Creative Possibility

Where do I start? I loved the day, got pearls of wisdom and nuggets of pure gold throughout. Spending time away from my business focused on the plan for the year was of the utmost benefit. I doubt I would have ever been disciplined enough to do it myself. Itching to get back to the office and get blogging. Thanks to Jay and Sarah for a FAB day. Highly recommend.
PS: Also, wanted to meet Jay face to face after she had done such amazing work with my copy.

Content Planning Workshop

Gillian Nathan

Simple Solutions Accounting Services

Today has really helped me concrete in how I can better communicate my in person self online, in a way that is engaging and adding value to my community. Having my marketing mapped out for the year has taken a massive time drag out of my brain. Both Sarah and Jay were fabulous presenters and very informative.

Content Planning Workshop

Nerida Mills

Nerida Mills & Associates

Jay has been fantastic in assisting me to create my business pages on my website.
New to online business I was starting to feel overwhelmed and floundering with all the information I was trying to convey.  She very quickly captured me and my business, and with her innate creativity gave it more meaning, and brought it to life.
Jay also gave me some great tips and advice.  A few words that come to mind about Jay…..professional, friendly, passionate, creative and very talented.  Highly recommended!
Copywriting + Editing
Melanie Hardy

Soul Safari

Planning for the year ahead can bring on overwhelm, Sarah and Jay delivered their hot tips, strategic tools and were great at sharing their expertise. The workshop was practical, engaging and I left with a solid plan for the next 12 months. This is a must do for business owners who fear the concept of creative marketing. Nailed it ladies #likeaninja

Content Planning Workshop

Kerri Duff-Borthen

The Shortlister

I was prompted to attend this workshop as I have been overwhelmed with the social media side of my business and hence haven’t progressed blogs or newsletters. The workshop provided me with all the information I need to get started and the confidence to do so.
The workshop was informative, engaging and empowering and I would happily and highly recommend it to others.

Content Planning Workshop

Carlie Eldridge

Transformative Solutions

This workshop covered a huge amount of information in an easy to understand format. Sarah and Jay were knowledgeable and approachable and offered valuable tips and advice suitable to the variety of participants. I love that I now have 12 months of content ideas ready to implement.

Content Planning Workshop

Amanda Redwood

Karin Herzog Ockerby Group

I attended the content planning workshop 2017 to get my social media/blogs planned out so I have no excuses to not do them. I now have an amazing plan for what needs doing and met some awesome ladies in the process. I would totally recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to get down to the nitty-gritty of their content and how to structure it.

Content Planning Workshop

Nadine Rawlings

Garnet Business services

Jay and Sarah are a power team when it comes to content. Knowledge and strategy delivered with power, humour and empathy.

Content Planning Workshop

Lynette Delane

Kits and Bits

Jay has literally shifted the way I write! She helped me learn how to structure my copy, and write in a way that speaks to my ideal client in an easy way! Writing is so much more fun for me now![and yes, I’m watching my ellipses a bit more now that she pointed out the impact they were having on my brand message!]

Content Planning Workshop

Emma Weise

Fresh Sage

Jay…created not only my website platform, copy and pages, but has been a powerhouse of creativity and professionalism. Her expertise helped to curate the random acts of a writer into an effective strategic business plan.
Jay showed tremendous capacity in listening to and interpreting my brief and always offered astute advice… Her excellent knowledge and personal flair stood out and her support was unwavering.
I’ve benefited enormously from Jay’s skills, talents, personality and passion. It has been astonishing and exciting to have the vivacious and tenacious Jay on my side on what would otherwise have been a perilous journey. Along the way, we laughed, worried, gasped and experienced the peaks and troughs of a new business venture together.
There are no words to express how profound her impact has been.

Website Copywriting

Annie J Ryan


I run a fashion label called AANI and my business needed a fresh new voice that understood my brand and the life of a mum. I contacted Jay and we connected instantly. She was amazing to work with and totally resonated with my brand.  Jay helped me out with content for my home and about pages. I was blocked on how to talk about myself as well as word my story and company ethos. Jay solved my problem by creating an amazing story about the birth of my business and how it has grown.  She provided me with fresh, modern and sophisticated content that said exactly what I needed it to in the best possible way. This was particularly important to my business because of my lack of time and experience in writing and resulted in my website being more on point with my branding.  Jay was professional at every step of the process and gave me realistic timelines to which she followed exactly. Overall, I would recommend Jay Crisp Crow to anyone in any sector/business and found the experience fun, friendly and professional.  Thanks Jay!

Website Copywriting

Leanne Collova


Thank you Jay for helping me define my business idea right at the very beginning and helping me sort through and pick out a cool name for my business – The Big Backyard which has just launched today! Your help and support, even just getting ideas out of my head has been invaluable and I know that I will be using you to help me in the future as I continue with my business journey.

Website Copywriting

Kate Tippett

The Big Backyard

Jay Crisp Crow exceeded all my (very high) expectations in producing the copy for my sales page. I knew I had a great program that every woman in the world should be part of, but I wasn’t conveying it! Jay saw straight into the heart of what I was offering and has made it sound so damn amazing that I am truly excited to tell everyone about it! You have saved the day, you High Priestess of copy. I feel like I know what I do and why I do better than ever before.

Website Copywriting

Ricci Jane Adams

Lightworker Institute

I hired Jay because I fell in love with her writing style. It resonated so strongly and I knew Jay was the person I wanted to guide me to get my message out. I was struggling for a long time with getting my “About” page to be clear about what I was offering and my unique approach.
I started with Jays pdf on how to write an about page as a foundation and put together my story by following the steps. It was a great foundation but needed to be polished so I booked my session with Jay. She went over my work and was able to edit the raw material and craft a well written, engaging piece that was still me!
Jay brought a sense of humour and fresh eyes to the project. She was able to see the things that I was too close to. I love Jay’s ability to be creative and add such a personal touch without losing professionalism.
I totally loved this experience and I would recommend Jay without hesitation. Working with Jay was seriously one of the best decisions I have made for connecting with clients through my website.

Copy Coaching

Leanne Northwood

White Sage Holistics

We required a website for our company which Jay at Crisp Crow Communications organised and put together along with the copy. Jay did an amazing job and knew right from the start what we wanted and articulated the copy in the way that was very true to our business. She definitely has a way with words and it is a delight to read any of her work.
Jays vibe and helpfulness goes beyond which definitely gets you as the client enthused as well. I have even booked into a session with her in the coming months to learn more! We were a new business with limited photos but with the copy and setting of the photos, Jay put together the content of our website which we absolutely loved. Thank you so very much Jay.

Website Copywriting & Project Management

Felicity Wilson and Simon Wacura

WacWll Landscaping and Earthworks

I attended Jay’s Blogathon workshop and was super impressed by everything – the venue, handout, content presented and of course Jay’s sharp wit and amazing knowledge. Is there anything about copywriting she doesn’t know? I don’t think so. Jay’s tips made blogging for my business feel less daunting, so I walked away confident about being able to publish regular content! An added bonus was the room was full of awesome ladies – a testament to the type of client Jay attracts. All in all a very productive, but fun, morning. Copy Coaching Workshop Kristy Morton

Kristy Morton

I am about to start an email subscriber list and directing people to my website was embarrassing. It wasn’t good to look at, easy to use or inspiring, so I knew I needed to either spend a month and a lot of sanity working out how to make it better or engage someone who could do a far better job in far less time.
I saw Jay everywhere from the Facebook business and entrepreneurial groups I am a part of to having her recommended by colleagues. Her presence was always upbeat, confident and passionate about what she does. I find confidence in women is usually warranted so I thought she’d probably be good at what she does.
My biggest concern (about working with a copywriter) was that I’d be given a page of words and no advice or guidance on how to use them in the context of my individual website.
Jay was very accommodating to my specific needs. She tailored the packages she offers to suit my exact requirements; to the point of engaging other experts in the areas I also needed to achieve my desired outcome. She combined with these people to deliver me what I asked for and needed without me having to run around to a bunch of different people without really knowing what it was I needed.
I just told her where I wanted to get to and Jay made it happen.
It was so simple, she was very patient with me and the outcome was far better than I could have ever hoped to achieve myself – no matter how much time I spent!
The immediate impact is that I am now able to hit the send button on the email I have been holding onto! Now that I have a website that is attractive, clear and engaging, I can actually direct people to it and get started with my marketing.

Thanks so much Jay!

Website Copywriting

Whitney Consulting

Tara Whitney