You don’t need ‘some content’

You need copy that belts out your brand like a torch song,

so your readers


What if your website copy sang like a siren? A song so memorable your website visitors were still humming your tune long after hearing your message?

I’ve spent a lifetime stepping into characters, getting ‘under the hood’ of brands and businesses

and getting stories told.

And although there’s no one that loves your business and your brand more than you, and although you’re an infinitely clever business woman and perfectly capable of constructing a sentence, there’s an ocean of silence when it comes to getting the words from your heart and mind onto the blipping cursor on your screen.

Or they’re just not doing what they’re meant to.

I deliver over a decade of experience communicating as other people (and a decade before that playing characters on the stage), have worked with dozens of brilliant business owners just like you,

and wrote over a million words of conversion creating, bank making, heart fluttering copy last year alone.

Here’s how I can help:


I combine a natural affinity for uncovering brand voice with an expert understanding of how to structure copy for maximum conversion. I can completely transform your online presence through a melding together of content and copywriting for all website copy, Sales pages, newsletters, ghost blogs, magazine articles, eBooks and opt-ins, and even love letters. If it requires words, I’m your girl.


Work with me to uncover your unique business story. We will tease out your brand voice so that all content you create speaks directly to the heart of your reader, with words that sing the song of your newest client. Your website visitors will get that belly-glorious feeling of finally being in the right place, reading the perfect message. Tell your new clients your story. They don’t need to be sold to. I’ll show you how.


Because sometimes you’re the best person to write your story. The Copy Coaching Intensive is for women in business who are ready to level up and combines one-on-one training with learning by example. I’ll not only show you how, I’ll start you off by handling the trickiest parts of your copy myself. Also open to marketing experts, VAs, content creators, and newbie copywriters.


Come along to a small group workshop for individual attention, minds bursting with new ideas, skill up levelling, and gallons of coffee. Come solo or bring your team, or I can come to you. I present topics such as Digital Communications for Business, Organic Engagement on Social Media, Copywriting 101, and Blogging for Business. Jazz hands are included.


Purchased a ‘whole website package’ and found it came without decent content? DIYing long enough and frustrated with not making sales? Ready for a fresh, exquisite website? Sick and tired of dealing with website developers? Let’s talk. For special clients, I loan the talents of my extended team and combine with my website copywriting skills to deliver beautiful and functional websites. You won’t end up with a website you can’t use, and you won’t come out with a site that looks pretty but doesn’t say anything. I work in WordPress, because I like to give Google what it wants – making your business better.

It sees me coming. It knows my name. It trembles with anticipation as I give it an eyebrow.

Your story bows down at the flourish of my pen.

Jay just GETS YOU and produces killer content to boot. Evidence?
When I was going through and revamping my articles, Jay helped proof, edit, and rewrote some entirely.
Her work was so good, that I was reading one article thinking “GEE! When did I write this? This is GOOD!”
Then I realised I hadn’t.
Jay had.
That’s how much she gets your voice.


Maria Doyle

Change Maker, Creating Real Change


Not sure what you need? Book a 30 minute Skype session to gain a spot of clarity about your copy, how you communicate, and where you’re heading.

This is called small copy - the little bits of writing often ignored but extremely powerful to those who read it. You've been served a tasty platter of my words on this site so far, so let me keep this bit really simple: I write, or teach you to write, compelling, juicy copy that makes your ideal client get a little bit heart-fluttery about your brand. I am intuitive and empathetic but a ripper with structure and conversion - a sweet mix. Writing is my gig. Let me help with yours. Need to know all the things about me? Click here.