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writer + speaker 

+ word nerd bird

Find your voice.

Make some noise.

All the things I didn’t plan that turned out to be the most incredible of my life, all the secret hopes that somehow (in spite of my best efforts to sometimes derail myself) came true:

Professional Writer. Copywriting Teacher. Paid Speaker. Co-Founder of an International Platform for Women’s Voices. #fullysickbusinesschick Still Can’t Find The Blasted Library Books.

Think of all the things you are: Woman. Creative. Worker. Thinker. Dreamer. Lover. Do-er. Planner and Strategist and Maker of Happening Things. Brilliant Ideas Thinker. Business Starter or Career Professional or Wonder Mum (or all 3). Kitchen Dancer. Lego Threatener. Frock Hoarder. Strength Lender.

I’m Jay Crisp Crow, a writer, speaker, and ex showgirl living in the wilds of Perth with a lot of kids, a Viking husband, and far too many geese. If you’re looking for my business site – Crisp Copy – try here instead. Otherwise, welcome to the Jay Show.

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Need a sock-rocking, open-book speaker for your next event?


Want someone who won’t drip feed information, hold back on the truth, or have your audience yawning and checking their phones mid-shindig?’

If you need a relatable, experienced keynote presenter, I’m your girl grown-a** woman. 

Most people won’t even know what a copywriter does but mention my name to anyone who is in marketing or who’s been asking for referrals for website content and they’ll say something like, “EVERYONE recommends her. Is she the only one?” ** actual quote ** 

And I can talk about more than words. From brand and business building to creating the magic 6 figure business with $0 capital and just about as much business acumen (hint: there’s nothing magic about it except it looks good on a website), going from pensioner (the sick kind, not the aged) to philanthropist, to stepping away from safe, finding your voice, and making some noise, I’ll deliver carefully considered, expertly written, engaging content to keep your audience riveted to their seats like a staple gun was involved.

From podcasts to panels, I’m also the creator and Copy Queen of the Crisp Copy Class and co-owner of a social enterprise with my daughter – How Dare She?  


“…her uncanny ability to get into my head moved me to tears a few times…”

“… total rockstar, goddess copywriter…”

“…the feedback I get from members after her Masterclasses is phenomenal.”

“One hour with Jay is equivalent to 8 regular human hours…”

“A copywriting workshop with a side of comedy”


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A Love Letter. Unposted

A Love Letter. Unposted

A couple of years ago I lost one of my best friends from school. Here's the thing, I knew she was unwell and had hand written her a letter because that was our gig back in high school. You remember the ones: folded up into such a tiny package the paper literally...

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I'll rock up on your inbox front door armed with cookies (store bought) and a plethora of good ideas about branding, copy, word nerdery, being anti-boring, and showtunes.

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