Writer. Storyteller.


Writer. Storyteller.


Secret squirrel prices, free copywriting advice, and totally random Musical Theatre references. You’ll want in:

I didn’t start out thinking I’d become the main attraction

I wrote copy. I sold words. I wrote for other people and made them lots of money. 

I was the chorus line dancer for a stream of clever women in business.

My clients were published in Huffington Post, in Elephant Journal, in books, magazines, and online. They won awards with my words and I slow-clapped them with pride.

I was asked to tell my story, then again, then to present a copywriting workshop, then a class, then a Masterclass, then five. And soon Crisp Copy was launched and I was teaching writing to women in business and mentoring copywriters and other marketing professionals from all corners of the globe.  

I wrote a chapter in a book, then another. I won some awards.  Anyway, you know the story: “small-town word nerd becomes shiz-hot woman in her own right and surprises even herself.” I found I’m not too past-it to step up and take the microphone and tell a story, teach what I know,

make some noise. 

So, now I sometimes get out. Wear a dress. Talk to humans. But most of the time I am writing, making other women lots of money all while wearing yoga pants and talking to the geese at the back door in my Australian hillbilly home office. Sometimes nice people say some really awesome stuff about working with me:

“… total rockstar, goddess copywriter…”

“One hour with Jay is equivalent to 8 regular human hours…”

“…the feedback I get from members after her Masterclasses are phenomenal.”

“One of my favourite writers on the interwebs. Humour, gravitas and top tips all rolled into one crisp package.”

“Her uncanny ability to get into my head moved me to tears a few times…”

“…she’s about as un-boring as a presenter can be. I don’t just highly recommend you book Jay for her speaking, teaching, writing, and presenting prowess, I take you by the shoulders and shake you for not having signed her up already.”

What do you need?

You have, as Tatianna says; 


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What does the over-the-moon client say to the copywriter?

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This is called small copy - the little bits of writing often ignored but extremely powerful to those who read it. You've been served a tasty platter of my words on this site so far, so let me keep this bit really simple: I write, or teach you to write, compelling, juicy copy that makes your ideal client get a little bit heart-fluttery about your brand. I am intuitive and empathetic but a ripper with structure and conversion - a sweet mix. Writing is my gig. Let me help with yours. Need to know all the things about me? Click here.

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