Fresh words that soar

Convert curious readers to committed clients – starting with a free About page writing guide

Convert curious readers to committed clients – starting with a free About page writing guide


You’re a sassy super hero with a brilliant business you’ve poured time, energy, and tears into building

Your current clients and customers think you are the bomb diggity

but you’re over being a ‘best-kept secret’

Your online brand is bland

You’re so ready to take it up a notch. I can feel it from here. Here’s how I can help:


crisp brand storytelling crafted by an award-winning

and intuitive website copywriter

Because it’s not as if your words aren’t any good

it’s just that mine will


writing / editing

Crisp copywriting crafted by an award-winning website copywriter

I step into your voice and weave an exquisite story around your brand making your potential clients feel like they’re on a first date so spectacular, they’ll soon be considering a long-term commitment


copywriting coaching

One on one, individual coaching, because no one tells your story like you

Learn to authentically brand your business, find your brand voice, develop your unique tone, and tell your story. Copy coaching is a delicious mixture of teaching, hand holding, and learning by example


”… a website copywriter who captured the absolute essence of who I am as a business woman and translated it powerfully into words…”

Give me your stale content…

I spent 13 years squandering my writing studies while working in communications for private schools. A couple of years ago I had an epiphany and took my own gig on the road – and surprised myself by becoming a multi-award winning business woman. I mainly write and edit copy for websites and branding (along with the odd chapter in a book and print magazine article), and also teach women how to write smashing copy and communicate on social media. I am a Perth girl who works with women around the globe, am a noisy advocate for business/family/life blend (because “balance” is BS), I still feel a tingle when I introduce myself as a website copywriter, and I’m always hungry for a new story. Here’s more of mine.

… I’ll make it burst with flavour

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“Your innate ability to step into my shoes never ceases to amaze…”

Jay Crisp Crow exceeded all my (very high) expectations in producing the copy for my sales page. I knew I had a great program that every woman in the world should be part of, but I wasn’t conveying it!

Jay saw straight into the heart of what I was offering and has made it sound so damn amazing that I am truly excited to tell everyone about it!

You have saved the day, you High Priestess of copy. I feel like I know what I do and why I do better than ever before.

Ricci Jane Adams

Modern Day Priestess, Speaker, Author, Lightworker Institute

I’m obsessed with Jay’s words, I read everything she writes… she is a content superhero who oozes authenticity and she has a quirky style that resonates with me and my business brand.

Jay’s ability to produce content that is in line with your brand is magical. I also appreciated the learning experience that Jay provided; I was offered super-smart strategies to ensure my future content is also on point.

Stop fumbling over your words and spending hours you simply don’t have, engage Jay immediately and be prepared to be blown away. 

Kerri Duff Borthen

HR Expert & Ninja , The SHORTLISTER

“This attention to my About page and brand has meant I am now back on page 1 one of Google…”

This is called small copy - the little bits of writing often ignored but extremely powerful to those who read it. You've been served a tasty platter of my words on this site so far, so let me keep this bit really simple: I write, or teach you to write, compelling, juicy copy that makes your ideal client get a little bit heart-fluttery about your brand. I am intuitive and empathetic but a ripper with structure and conversion - a sweet mix. Writing is my gig. Let me help with yours. Need to know all the things about me? Click here.