Fresh, Crisp


Uncovering brand voices
and communicating business stories

Fresh and crisp

Uncovering brand voices
and communicating business stories

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You’re a super hero with a brilliant business you’ve poured time, energy and tears into building. You love your work, your clientele and you’re ready to take it up a notch.

But, your online brand is bland.

You need swish copywriting, crafted by an award-winning and intuitive website copywriter who excels at ‘getting under the hood’ of your brand. I step into your voice and write you in a way that makes your potential clients feel like they’re on a first date so spectacular, they’ll soon be considering a long-term commitment.


You’ve researched, checked out the competition’s new site, you may have even had a go at a DIY website job – which is frustrating, time-consuming, and has left you feeling disappointed. You’ve started to realise just as you hire an electrician for electrical work and a surgeon for surgery; you need a professional.

Your copy simply doesn’t convert.

As business women, we’re incredibly capable. However, outsourcing to a professional website copywriter will not only enhance engagement for your brand, but also allow you time to invest back into aspects of business in your own zone of genius. Or just take the kids to the beach.


Building a brilliant business message without delivering it into the lives of your ideal customer is like painting a masterpiece and leaving it in the shed. Who is going to see you?

Your brand needs an online showcase.

My clients come to me overwhelmed by how to build an online presence. If you’re building new business relationships or planning on boosting sales, you’re missing out if you’re not developing your business through social media. I’ll show you how to create content that aligns with your business ethics and guides clients to fall in love with your brand.


“Jay’s writing is humorous and intelligent but, most importantly, it’s real.
Real is what people connect with, and with Jay’s work, “real” is what resonates through everything she writes.
Plus, she really, really knows her stuff.”

Stacy Gardoll – The Painted Room

As Featured In

“Your innate ability to step into my shoes never ceases to amaze…”

“Your innate ability to step into my shoes never ceases to amaze me.

What I most appreciate is your joy, love, ability, and skill with words to express who I am…

You have this knack of cutting to the chase and nailing it.

I know when we have as it sends shivers up my spine.”

Chantal Vanderhaeghen – Unfold Your Freedom and Franc Essential

“…Jay… extracted from my brain what I was trying to convey in regards to my Sales Page.
I was blown away at how succinctly she captured what I had been fumbling around trying to write…
She was able to capture my tone and wove some of my story into the copy which has really connected with clients.
…One of the other benefits I received was the keyword SEO information and how to best lay out the copy on my website, in order to increase the SEO…
I would highly recommend Jay’s services if you too are fumbling around, wasting time and energy… and want copy that engages and converts.”
Gail O’Keeffe –

“Her sassiness, sense of humour and the perfect amount of professionalism brings authenticity and panache to everything she touches.

She has captured our business identity perfectly (even before we quite knew what it was ourselves!)

Would thoroughly recommend this website copywriter and social media genius….”

Davina Sheldrick – Flourish Enterprises

“…For such a long period of time, I couldn’t find my words.

No matter what I wrote, it never seemed to come out the way I wanted.

Now I have my copy angel on call which has somehow made me enjoy writing again…”

Lauren June – Business Development Strategist